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Project Date: 
Monday, March 24, 2014 - 7:15pm to 9:15pm
Charles & Lanvale
Baltimore , MD

Greenpants Art Collective (creators of the Luminous Intervention project) applauds Open Walls Baltimore for bringing more public art to the streets and walls of Baltimore. As artists we view these contributions with joy. In this second round of Open Walls murals, however, it is impossible to ignore the overwhelming number of male artists. Thirteen of the fourteen (93%) murals are to be painted by male artists.

Erin Barry-Dutro, a printmaker, bookseller, and Greenpants member, summarizes her concern “Systemic sexism in the art world can often persist simply by never reaching beyond one’s own personal networks. We hope that our projection acknowledges the need to actively seek out inclusivity and artists who might go unrecognized otherwise.”

In art schools across the United States, the majority of students (typically 60-70%) are female. Looking at art announcements such as Open Walls Baltimore (93% male) or even the 2014 Whitney Biennial (70% male) shows an art world that is skewed in the opposite direction. Critical dialogue on such issues is important, even in your home community.

We acknowledge that women are contributing to Open Walls Baltimore in many ways, whether as staff, performers, volunteers, or lecturers. The murals, however, are the focus. The artists will reap the acclaim. The murals will remain for decades.

Greenpants Arts Collective is a majority female group from Baltimore MD that has been working together since 2011. Our main project is Luminous Intervention, a series of outdoor projections in and around Baltimore.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and everyone who supported us both in person and online! Photos by Jesse & Dan. See the full projected video.

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