What Is Google Play Store – Everything You Want To Know

google-play-store-iconIn a nutshell, Google Play Store is the official application store for the Android Operating System. It is generally a one-stop-shop for all things Android including music, apps, movie rentals, e-books, and purchases. Google Play Store can be accessed on any Android device through the Play Store application. Get free gift cards – use Google play gift card code generator.

Even though standard apps do appear in the Android tray, Play Books, Play Music, and Play Movies are usually just libraries of content. They all have their separate player apps that you can use to access your content. What this means is that you have access to view Play Books, Play Music as well as Play Movies on other non-Android devices as well as on laptops.

Previously called the Android Market

In 2012, the markets were quite siloed. While the Android Market handled all the application content, the Google Music and Google Books handles music and books. When it came to movie rentals, YouTube was the to-go-to place and even though it still is to date, you can still access your content or libraries on both avenues.

Android market was rather simple back then because it was just that, an Android app store. However, it was only as straightforward when it was the only Android app store until others including Samsung, Sony, Amazon and other phone and tablet maker decides to offer their own separate application stores.

The reason behind the naming of Google Play

A lot of people wonder why they decide to call it simply Play but it was due to the fact that the store, more than anything else, sells games. However, the logo does point to a rather different reason. The Google Play logo is that of a triangle similar to those on “play” buttons on videos.

Google Store with other devices

At some point, Google Play offered a “devices” like phones, watches, nest thermostats and chromecasts tab at the Play Store although device transactions differ from software transactions. These tend to nee shipping, customer support as well as possible returns. As the offerings expanded with time, Google decided to split the devices into the Google Store.

App Store

Google Play sells the Android apps that are usually available on the “apps and games” section of the store. You will find Play Movies, Play Books and Play Music in the “entertainment section”. The Google Play app also comes with an “all” tab sections where you can view all the applications you have been downloading. One of the best things about using this app store is the fact that you can view user reviews about all the apps available. This way, you are able to tell if the app is really worth downloading in the first place. Read more: how to get free google play money.

Play Music

The Play Music is found under “My Music” section of the store and even though the old Google Music logo does not apply anymore, the store still works as well as it used to before. As a matter of fact, if you are an avid Google Play customer, you might want to check your email once in a while because they do send free promotional music and albums.

Play Books

In the past, Google Books was divided between e-book purchases and book search but now, Google Books has become part of the Google Play Store. The library is still available of course, and you can download your favorite books and transfer them to kindle or any other e-book reader. You can find your library under “My Library” in the store.

Play Movies

Movie rentals can be found on both Google Play Store and YouTube under “purchases”. You can use either to download and watch depending on where you prefer. However, if you want to watch the movie on a mobile device, Google Store would be better. On the other hand, if you intend on watching it on a computer or a tablet that is not Android, YouTube would be better.

Google Play Syncing

Google syncs all information with all your devices and this simply means that you can access all your books, movies, apps, games and music from any android device you choose to use. The fact that it is cloud-based makes a lot of things easy because you can read a book from your computer even though you downloaded it through your phone.

Google Play website

You really do not need to own a smartphone in order to access all the good things that come with Google Play. You can simply use your PC or laptop to view content online and sync some of your favorite films and books for your pleasure.